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Louisa Development Group
Box 171
Wapello, IA 52653
319.523.2371, ext 206

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Economic Development

In Louisa County, economic development is primarily about three things:

  1. Increasing taxable retail sales. Without a mall, a big box retailer or a chain restaurant (other than Subway) many of our 12,000 residents travel to neighboring communities to spend their dollars. While LDG encourages local patronage, the retail community must also be able to provide consumers with the product selection and competitive prices they demand. View the latest retail sales report.

  2. Increasing the county's tax base. As a small county, Louisa has difficulty at times finding the optimal balance between raising tax revenue and providing county services. Part of LDG's mission is to help increase the county's tax base. Increasing the revenue potential not only reduces the burden on the average property tax payer, it also provides the county with enough cash to maintain existing services and support community infrastructure projects.

  3. Raising the incomes of Louisa County residents. As incomes increase, dependence on county services decrease, private investment flourishes, entrepreneurship is expedited, and the overall standard of living increases.

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