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Louisa Development Group
Box 171
Wapello, IA 52653
319.523.2371, ext 206

Proud to be a part of:

Shop Louisa

Shop Louisa is a campaign sponsored by the six Louisa County Banks: Columbus Junction State Bank, Community Bank, F&M Bank & Trust, Iowa State Bank, and the State Bank of Wapello.

The goal is to get each Louisa County resident to spend a mere $5 per week in the county that they might have spent outside the county. Retail sales were up $1.5 million in Fiscal Year 2006, we like to think in part due to SHOP Louisa.

Shop Louisa Bucks are actual checks issued in $5 denominations.  These ‘Bucks’ are redeemable at Louisa County merchants and at select LDG member businesses in neighboring communities.  Consumers love them because they are good for gas, dining, groceries, gift shopping, auto service and even at the hardware stores.  Merchants simply deposit Shop Louisa Bucks directly into their regular checking account.  There are no forms to fill out and no logs to keep.  Simply deposit into your account like any other check.  And the funds are guaranteed.

How can you help further the Shop Louisa Bucks program?

· Accept Shop Louisa Bucks at your place of business

· Make special offers to customers paying with Shop Louisa Bucks

· Purchase Shop Louisa Bucks for your employees or clients as Christmas gifts

· Become a Shop Louisa Bucks reseller—sell them directly to your customers

This truly is a county-wide gift certificate program.

The best part about this program is that it costs you nothing.  That’s right, zip, zero, zilch.  Columbus Junction State Bank, Community Bank, F&M Bank & Trust, Iowa State Bank, and the State Bank of Wapello in conjunction with Louisa Development Group are covering the entire cost of the program.  Give your banker a call and let them know you appreciate their efforts.

The Columbus Gazette, Morning Sun News-Herald and Wapello Republican have teamed together to heavily market this program to the average Louisa County consumer.  We’re excited about this program and we hope you are too.  Consumers win because Shop Louisa Bucks are easy to use and allow them to shop close to home.  Merchants win because extra sales go right to the bottom line.  Louisa County wins because local money is reinvested in the community.

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