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IDOT Five Year Plan

Governor Branstadís Transportation 2020 Citizen Advisory Commission has invited Iowans to weigh in on the stateís current and future road funding priorities. ... read more »

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Louisa Development Group
Box 171
Wapello, IA 52653
319.523.2371, ext 206

Proud to be a part of:

Louisa County, Iowa:

A great place to live, work and play

Louisa County is unique.

We believe that because we're unique, our future looks bright. Louisa Development Group is proud to be a part of that bright future.

With three rivers and good access to rail, our transportation infrastructure is appealing, yet not a single stoplight plagues our streets.

We are an exporter of workers, yet we import those seeking a peaceful place to raise a family.

Louisa County has a deep connection with its natural resources and history, yet high-speed internet can be accessed at almost every household.

Browse our site and find out why Louisa County is a great place to live, work and play.

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